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A native Italian and Clio award-winning director, Devlin’s approach mirrors that of his country’s famous art and fashion: pure, unadulterated taste with a reduction of unnecessary ingredients and a love for Minimalism.

Though he started exclusively as a photographer, oil paintings of the masters and the moderns line of architectural landscapes hold some of his greatest inspiration as a director and let him exuding a strong sense of beauty and frame composition.

Devlin has his own aesthetic way of looking at the world. 

He try to capture the purest moment, with cinematic precision and a great attention to poetic detail. 

He lived in many places - from Bolivia to LA and stops in between,different lights, colours and sounds, It’s this worldly perspective that makes his work feel universal and not beholden to any one language or point-of-view.  

As such, bold colours and light define his aesthetic – a fact evident in his work for the International' s famous film festivals in Venice and Rome, the renowned Opera House “Alla Scala di Milano” and the acclaimed ballet dancer, Roberto Bolle. 


76th Mostra Internazionale D'Arte Cinematografica di Venezia
The Lion