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Award winning director, Marco Missano was born in Agropoli (SA), Italy. Since he was a child he has cultivated his passion for cinema. He remembers with pleasure his first electronic equipment, a VCR, with whom he spent entire afternoons recording movies and television cartoons on old VHS.

He immediately discovers directors such as Fellini, Lynch, Antonioni, Bergman, Spielberg and Burton, the last one, in particular, will have a strong influence in its stylistic and emotional path. Marco’s father, with the intent to have memories of their holidays, finally decides to buy a super8 camera. Marco starts off using that video equipment and has fun with his friends building special sets to make parodies of movies and soap operas. Over the years, he discovers and cultivates his second passion the music: he studies three instruments at a time (guitar, violin and piano) and loves genres like electronic, folk, indie and all their sub-genres.

In 2003, at the age of nineteen, he decided to move to Rome to start the career as a film director. He enrolled in the course of “Direction and Audiovisual Production” at IED, European Institute of Design. During those years he has improved his style (he plays and distorts reality, making stories in tension between reality and fiction, between dream and reality) he puts in his work visionary, surreal and fantastic elements, in that way he introduced his brand, his style and his vision in all of his projects through the mise-en-scene.

In 2006, when he is only twenty-two, Marc, works as director and editor for a popular channel on Sky TV and directs and edits more than 100 reports. Always for Sky platform, he is co-author and director for the editing of the docu-reality “Transiberiana Venezia-Hiroshima” 12 episodes of 20 minutes long. After, Marco decides to produce and shoot music videos: he writes, produces, directs and edits music videos as: “Lucy 5’s Egg” for the american artist Jeffrey Butzer , and for the italian musician “Ezra P.A.G.E” he writes, produces, directs and edits the videoclip “Joy Machine” which wins the award for Best Music Video at the London Independent Film Festival in 2009.

During the shooting of Joy Machine Marco starts to work also as art director and he refines the stop motion technique, he works on the animation of the objects in its video. The stop motion technique will allow him to write and direct in 2009 another successful video: “Mountain Tea Traders’, song of the famous italian band “Julie’s Haircut”. The video, along with Joy Machine, will be one of the 30 finalists in the PVI “Italina Music Video Award” and Marco will win the prestigious award for “Best Italian Music Video” with his latest work “Mountain Tea Traders”. During the last months of 2009 the same video is included in the Stereogram Top Ten of the best videos of 2009.

At the end of 2010, after a long precess of working, Marco makes “Everyone in their room” a videoclip completely made in stop motion, for the Sicilian band “Music for 11 Instruments” this ambitious project will win as Best Italian Music Video Award at (P.v.i.) and Best Animation Clip at (P.i.v.i) where Mountain Tea Traders music video got another award as Best Script 2010 at (P.i.v.i). During this year, Marco signs his first Exclusive Director agreement with “Made” a Tv Adv production company based in Milan.

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