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Chino was born in Madrid and moved to London almost 10 years ago, where he currently resides. Having joined the film industry in 1999, Chino tried his hand at a variety of roles, from editor to screen writer and director of photography to establishing his own production company, gaining the necessary skills to become a film director.

On the back of a teaser for a feature length project, of which he shot twenty minutes as a one man crew, Chino was led to direct commercials and music videos in his home country. It is on these branches of directing that Chino has mainly focused since 2003 and during this time he has worked with some of the top advertising agencies and record labels both in the U.K. and in Spain.

Chino was short-listed at Cannes in 2008 for his Sci-Fi Channel Invisible Man spots, which also won a Bronze at the One Show. Since then he has been concentrating on furthering his predilection for the surreal and unpredictable, with most recently a beguiling new spot for Playstation and a haunting promo for Ladytron.

The style and look of his work to date is very distinctive and characterised by its strong art direction and unusual casting.

In 2009 Chino also completed the short film Out Of Here, shown at over 40 festivals around the world, and directed in 2010, Below The Sea Level, his first feature-length film – a project shot in Israel commissioned by Sony Music Spain mixing fiction and documentary starring Grammy winner Spanish band La Oreja de Van Gogh.